The American Ethanol program was initially launched with NASCAR in mind, but we have evolved to encompass a multitude of performance motorsports disciplines. As a cleaner-burning, high-octane biofuel, ethanol has become a popular choice among competitors in motorsports. The American Ethanol Performance Team highlights drivers and competitions that value all that ethanol delivers under the demanding conditions on the track. Whether it’s drift courses or dirt tracks, drivers are choosing ethanol because it helps boost horsepower and enhance performance while reducing emissions.

Meet the Team Putting Biofuels to the Ultimate Test

Kyle Mohan

Kyle Mohan is based out of Signal Hill, California and has been a mainstay in the automotive performance world for years. Kyle competes in the Formula Drift series using a high-ethanol blend in his custom-built Mazda MX-5, and he has found success competing against large, factory-owned teams, including multiple victories in the Formula Drift Long Beach Team Drift competition and a Redline Time Attack championship.

He also owns Kyle Mohan Racing and is a highly sought-after builder of Mazda rotary engines which can be found in his customers’ cars all around the world. Kyle Mohan Racing offers a variety of services including driver coaching, custom part design, race car and drift car builds, and component installation. Whether on the track or under the hood, Kyle brings years of automotive experience to the table.

“Ethanol is a win-win. It delivers the power I need on the track, the reliability I need off the track, all while promoting a healthier environment and cleaner air.”

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