Other than a mortgage, a car is usually a family’s second-largest expense. People naturally want to keep their cars running smoothly and protect their investment – but not everyone is a highly trained auto-technician. The average person relies on the professionals at their local car dealership, repair shop, or service station to guide them through the process of caring for their vehicle. We want to make sure that everyone – from the average consumer to highly-trained, ASE-certified mechanics – is aware of the role ethanol plays in boosting octane and maximizing engine performance.

Targeting automotive professionals, the “American Ethanol Engine Performance Workshop” program is the culmination of years of working with some of the most knowledgeable, skilled drivers, racing teams, and engine builders that competitive motorsports have to offer. Through this team, American Ethanol engages drivers and automotive professionals alike at races, auto shows and events, and workshop seminars around the country.

Follow our team as we hit the road to spread the success story of American Ethanol across the country by checking out our calendar!

For more information on how biofuels work in your engines – check out these videos:

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