Every NASCAR driver has one goal – to be the first across the finish line. Winning a NASCAR race takes determination, innovation, precision and – of course – speed. Each NASCAR team has its own unique game plan and strategy to achieve its goal of taking home the checkered flag, but there is one thing tying them all together – high-performance fuel.

American Ethanol is an integral part of the NASCAR experience. From the Camping World Truck Series to the Monster Energy Cup Series, your favorite driver competes every weekend with Sunoco Green E15, and American Ethanol is always in victory lane.

Since 2011, NASCAR has surpassed 11 million competition miles on Sunoco Green E15. Race teams and engine builders alike have reported high praise for the fuel blend, which boosts horsepower and reduces emissions in the sport.

American Ethanol is also a proud charter member of the NASCAR Green initiative – an effort to minimize NASCAR’s environmental impact while bringing value and inspiration to the motorsports industry, its partners, employees, and fans.

Like their favorite drivers, consumers are also utilizing a fuel with a blend of 15 percent ethanol, E15. E15 is approved for use in all vehicles 2001 or newer – the equivalent of nine out of 10 cars on the road today – and Americans have driven more than 4 billion miles on E15. Visit GetBiofuel.com to find your nearest E15 retailer and fuel up today!

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