American Ethanol

E15 is a high-performance fuel, providing the same drivability with increased engine performance. It’s a 15% blend, made with American ethanol from corn grown in our nation’s heartland.

After extensive testing, NASCAR adopted the fuel for use in all three of their national racing series in 2011. The race teams and engine builders were heavily involved in the transition process, and have since reported high praise for the fuel, which boosts horsepower while reducing emissions.

To learn more about ethanol, ethanol production, and ethanol’s role in our economy, take a look at these sites.

A proactive group committed to the promise of agriculture and growing America’s economy with homegrown ethanol.

A fun, highly interactive site designed to educate consumers on the many benefits of ethanol.

Help us shape America’s farming future and our homegrown energy potential. Join Growth Force today.

This site was created to help fuel marketers learn more about selling blends of ethanol by installing ethanol blender pumps.


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