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American Ethanol Sweepstakes Winners Take on Talladega

As the NASCAR circuit journeys home to sweet Alabama this weekend, American Ethanol sweepstakes winners will be there to join in the excitement.

The winner of the "We've Got the Power" fan sweepstakes is Joey Lomenzo of Long Valley, New Jersey. Joey is an avid NASCAR fan who shares his knowledge and support of American Ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels on social media.

The "Engine Insiders Talk Shop" engine industry professional sweepstakes winner is Allen Huggins. Allen graduates this week from the NASCAR Universal Technical Institute in Mooresville, North Carolina as an engine technician, and can't wait to see the classroom come alive on the track at Talladega.

American Ethanol, a partnership of the National Corn Growers Association and Growth Energy, invites everyone to enjoy the same clean fuel benefits of E15 in their vehicle as NASCAR puts in their race cars. To Find a fuel retailer in your area who sells E15 and higher ethanol-blended fuels, visit

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